marți, 8 aprilie 2014

Beaglecat is looking for a Website Traffic Builder/Content Distribution Specialist

Who We are
Beaglecat is a young startup that handles content marketing for technology startups. What we do includes

content creation (blog posts, infographics, landing pages, white papers)
content distribution (on social media channels)

Domains we work for: mobile, cloud, web.

How you are:
you have some degree of experience with SEO and website analytics (but willing to learn and adapt to the challenges of a new area of expertise)
fully proficient in editing English content
extremely analytic
passionate about social media
capable of handling Microsoft Office Tools
capable of synthesizing data
(eventually) capable of managing HTML/CSS

What you will do:
Grow the website user and page view traffic.
Handle distribution and marketing of custom content, in accordance with company goals.
Monitor Google Analytics dashboards and other key reporting tools; analyze data and organize it in weekly reports.
Monitor website performance on major search engines.
Perform keyword research in accordance to each project objective, in order to maximize opportunities offered by existing content.
Elaborate content strategies in accordance with marketing and SEO goals.
Handle link building in accordance to specifics of every project.
Work closely with the other team members, in order to interpret KPIs and contribute to business development.

If you think you fit this profile, email us your CV at

Our website is not out yet, but you can find information on our professional background here:

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